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Lesson 4: At the Movies


Feel Like Seeing A Movie?

When going to the theaters in another country, it’s useful to know the similarities and differences from your own country.  Most foreign films are either "dubbed" or shown with "subtitles".  Below are some other terms that are good to know.

The Camera (to film movies)
The Projector (to show movies)
The Silver Screen (the movie screen)
The Box Office (where you buy tickets)
First come, first served. (for tickets/seating)
An Usher (person who shows you to your seat)

Things you might hear before the movie starts:
"Thirsty? Visit our concession stand."
"A variety of delightful munchies at the concession stand."
"Movies are more fun with popcorn."
"Thank you for not talking during the movie."
"Do not litter in this auditorium."

"The following preview has been approved for all audiences by the Motion Picture Association of America."

Preview / Trailers

Movie Genres:
Action / Adventure
Animation / Short Story
Suspense / Thriller

Movie Ratings:
G = General audiences (all ages are admitted)
PG = Parental Guidance suggested (some materials may not be suited for children)
PG-13 = Parental Guidance strongly cautioned (some materials may be inappropriate for children under 13)
R = Restricted (17 year-olds and under require an accompanying parent or adult guardian)
NC-17 = No Children under 17 allowed (age limit may vary)
N/R = No Rating

Movie Facts:
Actor               Actress
Synopsis         Plot
Characters      Cameo
Setting            Extras
Starring          Scenes
Climax            Critic
Producer         Director

Star Profile:
A Rising Star
A Hollywood Legend
An Academy Award Winner


Now try the "Movie Cloze" exercise and then answer the questions in "Movie Discussion". For more practice, listen to "Guess the Movie" audio files and see if you can guess the titles of all 8 movies!

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