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Lesson 2 - At the Front Desk of a Hotel

Below is a mixed up conversation. Put the dialogues in order from 3-8 and 14 – 20, and select whether the "Front Desk" or the "Guest" is saying the line.

Front Desk or Guest? Dialogues
Front Desk Welcome to the Wyatt. How may I help you?
Guest I'd like a room, please.
OK. One night comes to $145.00 plus tax. May I have your name please?
A double, please. How much is that?
It's Davies. Robertson Davies.
It’s $145.00 a night. How many nights will you be staying?
Just tonight.
Would you prefer a single or double?
Front Desk And how do you spell that, sir?
Guest It's D-A-V-I-E-S.


.. continuing from the previous conversation

Front Desk or Guest? Dialogues
Front Desk So that’s D-A-V-I-E-S. How would you like to pay for the room?
Guest Do you take VISA?
Front Desk Yes, we do. We take VISA, Mastercard, and American Express.
Yes, there is. It's on the 2nd floor. But you have to bring the towel from your room.
Checkout is at 10 o'clock. Your room number is 505. Is there anything else you would like to know?
Great. What time do the restaurants close?
Is there a pool here?
And how about a restaurant?
There are restaurants on the 1st and 3rd floor and there's a cafe next to the lobby.
Great. I'll pay with VISA then. What time is checkout?
Front Desk They both close at 10:00 P.M.
Guest 10 P.M.? Thanks. Oh! Could I get a wake-up call for 6:30 A.M.?
Front Desk Sure. No problem. Wake-up call for 6:30 A.M. Enjoy your stay.


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