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Lesson 2: At the Hotel / Dormitory Checking-in



Whether staying at a hotel or dormitory, it is always helpful to have a good command of the language for checking in, inquiring about services, and/or handling unexpected problems. Below are useful basic vocabulary and phrases to keep in mind.


single / twin / double / triple size rooms
smoking vs. non-smoking floors
room service
continental breakfast
room deposit
wake up call
(late) check-out
extra keys
24-hour reception
safety deposit box

luggage room
internet access
concierge service
laundry service (washer & dryer)
air conditioning
swimming pool
hotel lobby (lounge area)
restaurants & bars
other amenities (bed linen, towel, soap,shampoo, conditioner, etc…)


Useful Phrases:

Hotel Problems:

I'm locked out of my room.
The water's not running in the bathtub.

Currency / Money Exchange:

Do you take travelers checks?
Do you have change for a $10.00 bill?

Sample Dialogue:  Here’s an example of a conversation that you might encounter.

Remember, there’s a difference in language between asking for something politely and just simply spilling out your needs.

Front Desk:         Welcome to the Wyatt Hotel.  How may I help you?
Guest:                  I’d like a room please.
Front Desk:         Would you like a single or a double?
Guest:                  I’d like a double, please.
Front Desk:         May I have your name, please?
Guest:                  Timothy Findley.
Front Desk:         Could you spell that please?
Guest:                  F-I-N-D-L-E-Y.
Front Desk:         How many are in your party?
Guest:                  Just two.
Front Desk:         How many nights would you like to stay?
Guest:                  Just tonight.
Front Desk:         How will you be paying?
Guest:                  Is Visa OK?
Front Desk:         That’ll be fine.  Would you like a wake-up call?
Guest:                  Yes, I’d like a wake-up call for 6:30, please.  Do you have a pool?
Front Desk:         Yes, we do.  It’s on the 2nd floor.  Here’s your key.  Your room number is 405. 
                            It’s on the fourth floor.  Enjoy your stay.
Guest:                 Thank you.


Now try the Front Desk exercise, and then listen to the audio file to do the Checking-in questions.


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