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Lesson 5: Getting Around

Asking for Directions:

The ability to communicate and ask for help is crucial when in a foreign setting.  Here are some useful tips to help you get around.

Traffic Lights & Cross-Walks:

"Jaywalking" or "not using a cross-walk" when crossing the street is breaking the law. If caught and given a ticket, the punishment can be a heavy fine. Most cross-walks at traffic lights are equipped with a "cross-walk" or "walk" button for pedestrian convenience and efficiency. To cross the street, push these buttons and wait for the signal. When the cross-walk indicator shows "WALK", it’s safe to proceed.

Going for a Bite / Directions to a Restaurant:

If you’re looking for a place to eat, a good grasp of directions based on street names and other buildings in the area will be of a great help when it comes time to ask someone for suggestions and how to get there (e.g., It's on Pine Street next to the post office).  Below are some useful direction phrases for asking and suggesting where to go.  Remember, if directions are given for the use of Trains and Buses, it is important to have a place of reference as the starting point.

It’s on _________________ street.

It’s on the corner of __________ and ___________.

Do you know where I can __________?
get a cup of coffee
get some hiking boots
get some cat food
buy some milk
work out
buy some pants
grab a hamburger
get some aspirin
see a movie
buy a book
mail a letter
buy some CDs
get a bite to eat

next to ____________

between ____________ and ___________

across from ____________

on the __________ floor

Go down __________ street until _________ street.

Turn right/left on _____________________ street.

It's on your right/left.


Other Phrases:
go for a bite
get something to eat
have dinner
Why don't we......?
How about......?

We could......

For trains / buses:
Take the ____________ line.
Transfer to the ____________ line.
Get off at ____________ station.

Go out exit __________.

Expressions for “I want”:
in the mood for
feel like
could go for
wouldn’t mind

Now do the "Directions" exercise to get yourself more comfortable with these phrases.


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